Frequently asked questions

To obtain an Ascension Passport in the Belleville Valley, go to:

  • Les Menuires: Maison de la Montagne, La Bulle des Bruyères, Le Break des Menuires
  • Val Thorens: Le Board Val Thorens
  • Saint Martin de Belleville: Maison du Tourisme

You will have no operating costs and only an initial cost of €3 will be required for the purchase of a card or €5 if you prefer a bracelet.

Attention: Active and valid during the official opening dates of the resorts of Vallée des Belleville, Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires and Val Thorens. For the summer 2024 from July 6th to August 30th.

The Ascension Pass is a prepayment and discount card. You activate your passport on this site or in one of the points of sale ( You can associate several cards to the same account. Please note that only the main card will be used as a reference for your transactions and can be credited. You can then use your card in 2 different ways:

  1. Digital wallet: ideal for managing a budget (1 "master" passport and several associated passports). You load the desired amount in euros at the resort sales points in Les Menuires, Saint Martin de Belleville and Val Thorens or from your account on the Internet. Your credit will be debited each time the master card or cards associated with the account are used (including hundredths). The Ascension Pass is non-nominative and cannot be used by several people.

  2. Discount card: On presentation of the ascension passport, you will receive discounts of between up to 50% on selected activities or products at partner establishments. Payment by the methods accepted by the partner. Please note that the passport is for the holder's name only.

Your Ascension Passport must be activated to allow you to use the pre-loaded credits and the discount card option. To activate your card, simply create your online account on the site by entering your Ascension Passport card number (12 digits), an e-mail address which becomes the unique identifier for your account, your first and last names, a mobile phone number and additional optional information.

By paying for activities with an Ascension Passport, simplify your leisure activities and benefit from discounts on a large number of activities, up to 50% depending !

This is THE good plan to make the most of a multitude of fun, sporting and cultural activities offered throughout the Belleville Valley at a low price.

You can check the balance of your Passport Ascensionnel from the "My account" menu on the website and any service provider can also tell you your balance after reading your card.

Do not forget to validate your agreement to receive e-mails and SMS in order to be informed of events, tips and news during your stay.

The card is valid for all resort villages in the Valley: Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Les Menuires and Val Thorens.

All service providers and their offers are visible on this site.

You will find the list of members on the Partners menu. Use the filters to select the types of leisure activities corresponding to your criteria.

At the end of your stay and before 30 September of the current year, you can request the reimbursement of your balance by bank transfer to a euro account through the website, after having indicated your bank details and having provided a copy of an identity document (identity card, passport or driving licence)
* except credits from holiday vouchers which are non-refundable.

You must immediately put your card in opposition via your account in the "My account" menu on this site. Otherwise, you must report it as soon as possible, for example by calling SOGEVAB (04 79 00 00 18) or visiting a tourist office, or by e-mail to so that your card can be blocked. The creation of your account guarantees that, in the event of loss or theft of your card(s), the card(s) will be blocked immediately and your credit will be reimbursed or transferred to a new card(s) if necessary.
CAUTION: If you have blocked your main card with linked cards, please note that your account will be completely blocked, so your linked cards will also be blocked. You will then have to request a replacement card at a point of sale. However, you can block your linked cards without blocking your account..

We recommend that you immediately put your card in opposition then report it as soon as possible, by a simple phone call to SOGEVAB (04 79 00 00 18) or by e-mail to so that your card is put in opposition.

We will do all the research to verify your card transactions and identify the causes of any problems you report to us.

If you have at least one other card associated with your account, you can simply replace the card with a new card as needed. Failing this, you can obtain the transfer of your credits and all the rights and coupons available on your card to a new card at one of the points of sale.