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3 Vallées Loisirs

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3 Vallée Loisirs offers two outdoor escape games:

1/ The adventure of the magic portal:

This adventure will add a touch of fantasy and adventure to your outing and will appeal to the whole family. This quest, playable from the age of 6, is an outdoor journey punctuated with riddles, puzzles, augmented reality tests and questions about your surroundings. A little cunning and a bit of observation are the only qualities required!

Between 1h30 and 2h depending on the route chosen, go in search of magic crystals and help the elf save the world! Can you close the Magic Portal before the trolls invade?

With augmented reality, come and meet 3D characters who mingle with your real environment. Interact with them, open chests, avoid traps!

An adventurer's bag and a tablet will be given to you at the start of the game.

2/ The mindfull operation:

Do you want to test your skills as a secret agent? that's good, we need you! We will have to conduct an augmented reality survey in the Belleville Valley.

A criminal organization named Spider Tech has succeeded in creating a virus aimed at controlling the human being. The only obstacle to its activation: the Operation Mindfall team, of which you are now a part.

With your teammates, you will have 2 hours to thwart the Machiavellian plans of this criminal organization and stop the launch of the virus.

Armed with a tablet and an action pack, you're off to a race against time.

This outdoor escape game will make you discover the Belleville valley in a different way.

You are about to live a highly immersive experience in augmented reality!



Course Public price 3 people    Passeport Ascensionnel price 3 people
The adventure of the magic portal   80€ 75 €
The mindfull operation 80€ 75 €