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Pedestrian ski lift Val Thorens

Remontées mécaniques de Val Thorens - SETAM

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Pedestrian ski lift Val Thorens

With the Ascension Passport, take advantage of exceptional reductions on the ski lifts of Val Thorens and Vallée des Belleville !

Discover the mountains during the summer and experience the high altitude by ascending to the Cime Caron with the emblematic cable car at 3200m high !

A summer to remember surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

7 Days Adult Vallée des Belleville * 27,50 U 50% off
55,00 €
7 Days Child Vallée des Belleville * 22,00 U 50% off
44,00 €
Round trip
Cime Caron Adult
17,60 U 20% off
22,00 €
Round trip
Cime Caron Child
14,00 U 20% off
17,60 €

* Excluding Pointe de la Masse and Cime Caron.